The Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast is investing in all locals by providing support and funding across the industry. Whether you are an entrepreneur, startup or small business, professional, an investor, university studient or researcher, The Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast can help support you on your innovation journey. for An ecosystem of support entrepreneurs

                                      Health Accelerator

                                      AHx program is a catalyst for validating and commercialising new, innovative health related products and services with access to state-of-the-art facilities, simulation suites and laboratories.

                                      Grow Coastal

                                      The GrowCoastal accelerator program develops skills that enable entrepreneurs to progress rapidly from start-up to scale-up phases, become investment ready and achieve key milestones in their growth strategies.

                                      Investment Readiness Clinic

                                      The Investment Readiness Clinic ensures your businesses is truly ‘Investment Ready’ before you pitch to investors, saving you a lot of time, money and energy.

                                      Regional Startup Hubs Support Program

                                      The Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast is a recipient of the Advance Queensland Regional Startup Hubs Support Program funding designed to support regionally based startup hubs build capability delivering programs and activities to attract, inspire and build the knowledge and skills of local innovators.


                                      Incubator Support Initiative

                                      The Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast is a recipient the Incubator Support Initiative funding, supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science designed to increase businesses ability to improve the chance of commercial success by providing access to top experts.

                                      Programs available by IC Stakeholders

                                      Startup Launch Lab

                                      Startup LaunchLab focuses on teaching entrepreneurship to science, arts and business students together, in an authentic experiential way, as a University of the Sunshine Coast funded learning and teaching project.

                                      Mentoring for Growth

                                      This offers eligible businesses access to a panel of up to 6 business experts who during a meeting of around 90 minutes, offer insights, options and suggestions on business challenges relating to growth and innovation.

                                      The Barayamal Network

                                      Where First Nations entrepreneurs collaborate, network & receive mentoring. This online group is an informal option to connect with other First Nations entrepreneurs and industry experts.



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